But now I have no good impression on the city life I yearned for in the past, and even have some hatred. There are many tall buildings, heavy traffic, neon lights and shops, which symbolize the abundance of materials and the progress of society. People also seem to be enjoying full happiness. In fact, otherwise, […]


When winter comes and spring comes, Willows spit Green. The warm spring breeze blows green into the endless wheat fields. It crumpled the quiet flowing river, and the weeping willows on the riverside bloomed their branches. The yellow-green branches pulled out the buds and gently brushed them in the slight spring breeze, just like a […]

And listen

I am more vulnerable than others. When I was a child, I saw a local whose face was livid but dyed pale yellow hair, which scared me that I dare not dye my hair till now. When I was a child, I accidentally found a large scar on my playmate’s chest, which was left by […]

san yue

The wind in March is light and spiritual, tearing a tree flower soul; The rain in March is melancholy and dignified, pounding on the ground and falling on the ground; Moreover, the flowing water in March is lingering, sweeping away bright petals one after another. Standing in front of the peach tree, use a flute […]