Normally speaking, an epidemic or cold cold is not a big deal. It takes three or five days at least and ten or eight days at most, which is good. However, that kind of uncomfortable strength could not be worse. Cough, asthma, heavy head and feet, and sore body. Then go to the hospital or […]


In a trance, wake up. Time is like what I said. I haven’t had time to count my memory before I was fifteen years old. Can’t remember. There are many people in this world. Various. Thousands of millions. I can’t balance anyone. Sure. You also. Totally different memories. There are many unknowns hidden, which cannot […]


A plum blossom, a white lotus, a cluster of yellow chrysanthemum. Cool and elegant charm gently falls on the heartstrings of silence. Spend a good Moon, life is quiet and beautiful, everything is natural, no need to carve. I often think about the true meaning of life alone in the dead of night. Maybe Red […]