Perfectionism is a kind of aesthetic pursuit. Among many precious stones, diamonds show the incomparable spirit of King with their noble brilliance. Under the platinum accessories, it gives off a shining and charming light, which makes people excited. In life, the temperament is the same, just need a time, a distance, or a stage. Life […]


I saw the shadows of many people, black, without smiles on the ground. They were regarded as melodramatic sadness and laughed at them together with the night. And I don’t make any comments, I just want to write them. They are happy every day, just like a child who is always favored by the sunshine. […]

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To be honest, I did it as soon as I said it, and I did it in general. I don’t think I have done well enough, because there are too many people around me who have done well and well. Their executive force is better than mine, 100 times, 1000 times, three or two times. […]


Over the years, I have been in a nominal leisure position in the company. Although the economy is not very affordable, I still spend my whole life compared with some colleagues, even a single person can’t get a seat. It’s a little stronger. In those years, when I just squeezed into the leading group of […]


Holding Lingzhu in hand, pour out the warm love in the world. A gust of wind, a wisp of dust. The world of mortals is like smoke. As a dream, I still move forward without regret. Time went so fast that there was no more time to squander. The long road ahead would eventually reach […]


I remember that the poem “I am proud, I am a tree” written by the poet Li Ying expressed a wish that the world would be less jealous of free competition and more tolerant. But I am reluctant to make a tree, because I can only stay in one place in my life. Just like […]

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Now, except for us, it is estimated that no third person knows that I am doing something that I think is meaningful. If have seen the daughter thief “the series, drama in a detail to lodge black paint bench this 4 words, I believe we just like me not unfamiliar, it originates from the meaning […]


In the morning, I was called by birds again. Seeing the fallen leaves outside the window dancing gracefully, it startled the autumn wind for a while. The scattered ferns were dotted in it, and the leisure of evacuation came into being. Therefore, I lit it with a cigarette, sat idle, listened quietly to the sound […]