The long-length novel The Price of Love change, created by young and middle-aged writers Liu Xingbin and Huang duoliang in Jiangxi province, has been officially published and released by Baishan Publishing House recently. The price of love change is a classic masterpiece in 2015 among writers in Jiangxi province. It is not only a romantic […]


It has been 4 years since I lost contact with Benben. However, I haven’t forgotten the intelligence, loyalty and bravery of Benben so far. I always feel heartbroken when I think of Benben. Benben and I have been together for more than 9 years. When Benben was an hour, he was round, with short and […]


Buddhism says: Only by looking back for 500 times can we pass by in this life. Then, how many times of praying and looking back can we exchange for mutual dependence and companionship? Accompanying is a kind of fate; Keeping together is a warmth. No matter the edge is deep or shallow, do it and […]


The sweat under the clear sky and white clouds soaked my clothes. I wanted to get rid of his bondage, but I felt more helpless. I couldn’t find the answer to what dream I wanted to look forward. I have tortured myself for countless times, but the answer becomes more and more vague. Time is […]


When I am free, I will make myself a cup of strong green tea, and then I will feel that life is moderate. This time is just right. After two days of light rain, today is a great sun, a strong summer outside and a light spring indoors. Drinking tea, I buried my expression in […]