The woman’s old Sesame rotten millet was angry with her husband at noon today. After recalling, I couldn’t help thinking of some things about Chen Zhima rotten millet. In fact, women had forced themselves to forget about these things, but the things at noon today really made it difficult for women to calm down. Women […]


At this time, I didn’t know why, my heart was so painful that I couldn’t breathe, and my tears turned around in my eyes unwillingly! The emptiness that never existed in my heart was a pain that could not be expressed in words. Maybe it is because I am too melodramatic, or it is because […]


I don’t know when I began to hear the first song in my life. Maybe I was born in my mother’s arms, but according to my observation, the introverted and implicit mother didn’t seem to hum hypnotic songs for me; But her grandmother, who loved talking and laughing, sang to me from time to time […]


May Morning is beautiful. The morning breeze, cool, refreshing and comfortable, gently blows her cheek and lifts her skirt. Her beautiful long hair is elegant and agile in this fragrant morning breeze. She walked along the river alone, seemingly casually and leisurely. In fact, her steps were a little messy. There are countless soft ripples […]