Those words of comfort to interpret, those touched me, let me in these days, facing different faces and outcome, 1.1 point accumulation, 1.1 points precipitation, in the ice of the soul, trying hard to find the gap and breathing freely desperately, what is required is not much, but the little expectations and tolerance accumulated in […]

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Life is the rush of mountains and rivers, the obsession of all the dust, how many love and hate mixed past, the clear years, the desolation of eyes, it is just a moment of staring at me when I am at a loss and tangled in my heart. There is no need to panic or […]


The bright national flag is flying in the blue sky, the sonorous pace is advancing on the Earth, and the sound of peace is echoing in the world. On September 3rd, it was a great day. A grand military parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War in the […]


Thirty years passed, with a flick of a finger. At that time, when I was just in junior high school, I clearly remembered that my history teacher was an old master of HEFA Tongyan who was hired back by the school after retirement. His surname was Wang. I remembered that his voice was very loud […]