I have been idle at home for more than half a month, and I have been staying at home all the time. I can even count the number of times I go out with my fingers broken. It was not because of the bad weather, but because I was relatively suitable for traveling some days […]

xue qu

It is really the end of the year, the TV is playing up, the New Year goods in the neighbor’s house are piled up, and the joy of friends returning home is filled with, which makes me always feel compelled by time, when I was turning the calendar page by page, a large number of […]


This was a busy road. At more than in the summer morning, the sound of the car had already been everywhere, far and near, with ups and downs; Or sprinklers, ambulances, fire engines, all passed by here, and there were also horns criticizing police cars to maintain order, it was so busy that it was […]

In cloud

In the very cold morning, flowing water surging in the clouds, the sun was still hiding behind the clouds. At breakfast, I told Xiao Bao two interesting things happened yesterday, and Xiao Bao kept having fun. One thing was that I went to Songjiang to do business yesterday. I sat in the car and read […]


On the rockery covered with creeper, a blooming rose grew unexpectedly. In this spring season, it inevitably makes people shine at the moment and even have some surprises. On the rockery behind the house, Creeper is growing crazily, almost covering the rockery walls. Looking around, the green waves are rippling, and the drunkenness is strong. […]