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When I retire and stay at home at leisure, I will go up and down. There will always be some time when I face the screen, sit against the window, wander in the vast sea of books, travel around the vast world, be quiet and comfortable, and be tranquil and leisurely. Love computers, Internet, and […]


The train galloped through Wushaoling tunnel, and the afterglow of sunset spread into the carriage through the curtains. The whole carriage became much quiet immediately, and the endless peaks on both sides flew by the train. Under the sunlight of sunset, the mountains with distinct edges and corners, ups and downs, are like a long […]


Some people cheer for others, some people cheer for themselves; Some people cheer for stars, some people cheer for ordinary people; Some people cheer for the motherland, and some people cheer for the world. No matter what kind of applause, it is moving, all shock our hearts. My cousin was the first senior student in […]