In life, some people are willing to compare Buddha to a boat, because they believe that Buddha can permeate all living beings. As for me, I prefer to compare life to a long river or a vast sea. Then why? Because in my life, the river and the sea are closer to our life and […]


The Four Seasons take turns, and the time goes round and round. It turns to the annual Mid-Autumn Festival by accident. The Mid-Autumn Festival picks up the end of summer, and comes to meet the comfort of autumn. It is like a clock ticking, ticking, ticking, sending away the busy and hot summer, welcoming the […]


Whenever the dead of night, I always like to be alone, quietly standing on the pretrial tree years of Guhuai under, let the gates of memory wanton open, as past like water, and over heart, that happy tears of the day, the pure innocence of childhood, slowly 1.1 drops to emerge in front of my […]

Often back in

New Year, New Year, New Year today. The train of the Spring Festival is just like a long dragon, running again in the Spring Festival after a year. Student flow, migrant workers flow and family visit flow once again became the mainstream of the Spring Festival. The narrow and narrow carriage carried passengers from all […]


The story of time is always so rippling, and the rotation of the annual rings is always so exciting. We ushered in the new year of Sanyang Kaitai in the sound of horseshoe returning after stepping flowers, the season of Vientiane renewal is the stage of spring. Snowflakes, snowflakes like goose feathers, come all over […]


Frankly speaking, I like Chinese characters, because there are flower-like gestures and meanings behind them. Whether life is standing or lying, distant or close, it can bring people fantastic ideas. In my heart, words are the wild boat, the cloud circling the clouds, the spring is dim, the river goes to the east or the […]