Yan Long

In the long river of my memory of more than thirty years, there is always a barrier that cannot be surmounted. This hole is like a scar, which makes me lick repeatedly in countless dead nights. Unlike the scratch on my hand, this scar has gradually healed and faded with the passage of time. On […]


I stood by the beautiful Jianjie River. The verdant green mountains surrounded the dark green river, and the river was covered with green grass blanket. Looking far away at the river, a group of white birds were playing and foraging in a place with trees along the river. I thought they were a group of […]


Famous teachers were mentioned more or less by teachers when they were in school. However, the concept of ideology was not credible. Mr. Feng Youlan pointed out in the analysis of famous religions that famous religions are the religions that worship nouns. I think the right religion is the religion of worshipping nouns. I always […]


With the progress of society and the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to enjoyment and life taste. The elderly aunt gathered in the community square after dinner and danced to the cheerful music; The wage earners who had been tired for a week went fishing and playing ball on weekends; […]