Life is like a mat, sour and sweet, and it is hard to stay in my heart. Looking from afar, there is a hint of heartache. If I walk too fast, my feet are tired, and my requirements are too high, I will inevitably lose and think too much, if you feel tired and pursue […]


For more than three months, I have never been stained with words, and I am not so busy with my study work every day that I can’t afford to take a pen and have no time to think. However, the clues accumulated in my life are always stirring my heart, in order to play and […]


It is not a romantic hut with flowers and plants blooming beside the small village, but a humble reinforced concrete square on the roadside in the small city.. But it carries the laughter and laughter of our family of five members for more than ten years. Along with the growth of our three sisters, people […]


Where does life go?/Ma Jiu (QQ:598849504) yesterday, I was on the street, and there was a three-wheeled motorcycle coming towards me magically. I am surprised, is it a friend? Rub your eyes and take a closer look. I stretched out my arms and quickly blocked his way. He stopped. I stepped forward and hugged him […]


Now, the first thing to do after getting home from work is eating every day. Every time you sit at the dining table, you will think of your mother’s words. Chewing the meal cooked by her mother-in-law, thinking of her mother’s words in her heart, a feeling called happiness came into my heart. Yes, I […]

With a smile

You said with a smile, crying is also life, laughing is also life. Why not learn to relax your mind. Every time you cross one threshold after another, life will rise to another new height. When encountering setbacks and blows, maybe God will give us another chance to hone. Yes, there is no obstacle in […]