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On the New Year’s Eve of the Year of Tiger, the family got off the passenger plane in Hong Kong and Hangzhou and took the bus back to Taizhou. Along the way, the boat was tired, and everyone was sleepy. There are almost no other vehicles on the highway, and it seems that only the […]


Inscription: life is like a blocking war. First the ancestors fell down, then the fathers fell down. Now the elder brothers also began to fall down. We are increasingly losing cover. Facing the cruel truth of nature, some people have already made painstaking efforts. What reason do we have to play games? (Wang Anyi) this […]


Over the years, I have lived in a secluded resident Family Hospital, living a relatively leisurely life. Although the salary is not high, I wear cheap clothes all the year round, eat coarse tea and light rice every day, and drink rough green tea, but the happiness index of life is not low. Especially whenever […]

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She always looked at her from a distance. When she walked into her side, her brilliance was more detailed and delicate, not sparse, because it was fragmentary, and there was no illusion and reality that looked close to grass from a distance. There is no illusion, her tiny colorful feather petals are so real, full […]


The night rain in southern China is melancholy and lonely. Clouds hung over the night at four o’clock in the morning, and the community at night was like an ink painting. The street lamp decorated with the night had gone out, and the black night seemed to splash thick ink on an ink painting. When […]