You are mentally ill! A classmate named Tuo suddenly said to me. At that time, I was shocked. I looked at this male classmate named Tuo, and the whole class looked at me. This classroom seems to be fixed there. A boy named Iron kicked his stool behind him, and the silence in the class […]


In the dead of night, the sound of children and the darkness gradually sank. Outside the window, there were occasionally several cicadas, dotted with the silence of the night. Finally, I can throw myself into the sofa and rest the fatigue of the day. At this time, I like to open WeChat lazily, or take […]


Uncle gone. He left around 2 pm on January 20, 2005. Uncle’s son Haojun cried when he called and told me. Although he had already prepared for it, he couldn’t help telling me in a hoarse and choked voice at this time: brother, dad left, just at this time. Although I was prepared, I was […]