Article about things at home/Ma Jiu (QQ:598849504) a family sometimes seems to have no big little things in the eyes of onlookers, but we often argue about those little things, which is the so-called fans of the parties, they often quarrel with each other and take the responsibility. Only after things have passed will they […]


Keeping the memory in the wind and dust, I buried a grain of lovesickness in the snow, passing through seasons and seasons, living and growing endlessly, inscribing the snow and becoming fragrant. The cold winter finally arrived as scheduled, with snow on the road. Walking forward in the cold wind, breathing every moment. This is […]


Writer, what a sacred word! How many dreams of boys and girls! When I was young, I also had a writer’s dream. Wasting time makes many dreams turn into a wisp of light smoke, drifting away with the wind, leaving the dream empty. The reality is full of bones. Writers are already like mirages in […]


A simple living in two places miss living in the Corps miss hometown, go back to hometown miss Corps, two hometowns can not be forgotten, really a simple living in two places miss. He came to the Corps in the 1970 s. After decades of life, he had already regarded the corps as his hometown. […]