Silk rain

From spring to the long gate, I heard the sadness of rain beating plantain on the gentle path. The grass is misty and smoky, and the Wild Goose crosses the canyang. In the light misty rain, the lingering and vicissitudes of the fleeting years are dark. Inscription the rain went down for a day, holding […]


I have been dancing all my life. Everyone knows whether I can dance well or not. Outcome? I can’t know until the end. Now, you can only dance to your heart and show your dancing. However, if you want to keep pace with the times, you need to jump out of amazement! Only in this […]


I don’t know why, but I forget how I heard this sentence. When I think of death, my mind will echo: What about death now? Anyway, I will die sooner or later. No one said that in the TV series. No matter how hard Feng Tang drank, he wouldn’t say that. What about Proust? I […]

Heart dream

If you fall in love with someone you shouldn’t love, no one can understand the scars in your heart. Facing separation, pain, betrayal and depression, I didn’t know that sadness was inevitable until the moment I began to doubt life. Some things don’t need to be asked, and some people really don’t need to wait. […]