Spring yin

It is still winter, the cold air has not gone, and the cold air is blowing! Spring is dense. You see, people are jubilant and full of flavor of the year, which means that Spring Festival is coming and spring is bred. Look again, the sun at noon is warm, and it seems that the […]


Are you still the girl with low eyebrows and shyness, looking back at the soft water? Is it still the innocent little girl? Is it still the cute one that is so simple that the hair type never changes and only combs the ponytail? Is it still the pure girl who doesn’t apply rouge or […]


Late Autumn, a flash of rain sprinkles on the pavilion. The Sill chrysanthemum is sparse, the well Wu is messy, causing residual smoke. Sad, Wangjiang pass, flying clouds dim sunset. Song Yu felt sad at that time, facing the water and climbing the mountain. The pedestrians were sad and tired to listen to the long […]


The weather is good this morning, plus working overtime for several days, I feel bored and anxious, and it is rare to go out for a walk. I decided to ride a bike and make a long journey to Taiji Island. Walking on the broad Riverside Road, the clear river along the road, the surrounding […]


[Hard to forget] Another year has passed. On the New Year’s Eve of 2015, I think of you again. From the day we met and knew each other in our childhood, you were destined to be written into my lines of poetry; The distance between you and me was 40 years; Leaving you and me […]


I always think that I am not afraid of death. What is death? It’s just a way to live. In Su Shi’s words, if you view it from its changers, then the Heaven and Earth could not be seen for a moment; If you view it from its changeless ones, then things and me are […]


In the spring two years ago, I came to Langzhong, which I had never heard of before. In the spring one year ago, I dared to write down my feelings about Langzhong for the first time. This year, it was another spring. After I tasted all the tastes of life, I finally got my wish […]


Gongyuan came quietly in 2015, but the Sino-Japanese year of-in the lunar calendar did not replace the year of Yiwei. The Chinese used to use the emperor’s title and Tiangan Earth branch to mark the year at the same time. Until the founding of the People’s Republic, it began to mark the year according to […]


Meeting some people is like meeting a dream. Because of these people, it is good to go anywhere and take everything for granted. We will meet countless of these people in our life and are destined to meet each other, doomed natural. Before graduation, I have read such a sentence that growing up is that […]


May Morning is beautiful. The morning breeze, cool, refreshing and comfortable, gently blows her cheek and lifts her skirt. Her beautiful long hair is elegant and agile in this fragrant morning breeze. She walked along the river alone, seemingly casually and leisurely. In fact, her steps were a little messy. There are countless soft ripples […]