And line

I can’t help sighing that time flies after watching some old movies on weekends. I called my old colleague, and that girl caught a cold again. I remember that it was the same last time. In fact, everyone worked very hard outside. If you can’t meet each other, you can talk about work, life and […]


Northwest Shandong, Gaotang, summer is dry and hot. Rain seldom visits this place. You can’t see where the sun is, but its bright white light and air wrap you everywhere. People sitting indoors, standing under the shadow of trees, can’t escape its baking. People here are heat-resistant. Their way to deal with dry heat is […]

Cold winter

Leaning against the warm sun of the fleeting years, choose a crossing where the wind rises, let the long hair rise with the wind, and touch the words in the bottom of my heart with a little bit, what is the vicissitudes of wind and frost on the temples? The book is a piece of […]


It was the weekend again, and this week seemed to be very leisurely. However, I felt a little uneasy when the backlog of work was put aside. Maybe it won’t be because of laziness. The sky was clear, and sitting in the office was a little waste of time. The music was flowing everywhere, and […]