Loneliness is like the irregular Frost wind in winter, which strikes you casually, making you feel cold; Loneliness is like a long needle, which pricks you slowly, making you heartache; the smell of loneliness is more like a traditional Chinese medicine, bitter and astringent. However, many people are afraid of loneliness because they have never […]

Good Mom

I am an undergraduate intern majoring in preschool education in a normal school in northern Henan. During my previous study and internship, I really realized the importance of family education. “A good mother is better than a good teacher” is a book written by teacher Yin Jianli. She wrote in the postscript of this book […]

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On September 3rd, a grand military parade was held in front of Tian’an gate to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the anti-Japanese War. The whole country was jubilant. As a veteran who once participated in the self-defense counterattack, on the day of the parade, I repeatedly watched the moving images of the […]