This so-called swordsman is a mantis. Somehow, this mantis is a little different from the impression, mainly the color. Generally, the common one is mostly green, while the guy in front of him is dark brown. If it is really difficult to find it on the land, is it for disguise? On a whim, he […]


Whether it is sunny or rainy is a kind of weather and mood. On a gloomy day, sitting alone for a whole day, a cup of strong tea became plain boiled water. Time can’t remember Saibei autumn wind Iron Horse, forget the misty rain apricot flowers. Light, light, we are like the wind in the […]

qi yue

You are Leo at the tail of July, and you are Leo at the prelude of August. I still remember brother Zeng in July and August that year. She was not a pure man, and she was also very talented, she wrote herself a song called Leo in June and July that year. I like […]


After working for two years, I was not particularly satisfied. Finally, I took part in the public recruitment and got a job as a primary school teacher. All the teachers recruited this time will go to the mountain area, and the place where they work will be chosen according to their grades. Together with the […]