The husband preferred her daughter, and he said that her daughter was the gentleness in his palm! My daughter is the second child in my family. As the first generation of only child in China, our husband and wife are also the first batch to apply for the second child index as double single identity. […]


Thinking what appreciation later 1 yue fen summary, but immediately 3 yue fen all had 1 days. Now many factories have not started yet, which will take place after the 15th lunar calendar. The Spring Festival also makes people dizzy, but no matter what, the summary still needs to be written. On the surface, many […]


At the corner of the season, find a place of quietness, stop your heart, point to the time, silence, sunshine in your heart, and love. The fleeting time is peaceful; Memory is warm and long. If life is a journey, then no matter prosperity or silence, it is a passing sight, leaving a feeling of […]

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On weekends, I invited my friends outside. Working and eating all day long, only on weekends is your own, you can arrange freely, fly freely, why not go outdoors to rest assured! We came to an unknown mountain. My friends and I lined up, closed our eyes and took a deep breath. The air was […]