I don’t know if you have such feelings and troubles. We are filled with troubles every day. For example, what do you have for dinner? Braised pork is too greasy, fried eggplant oil is big, vegetarian dishes have no taste, dumplings are always eating tired. Eating is troublesome for choosing. Think about the days when […]


Lantern Festival in lunar January 15 is the first most lively and wonderful folk festival after the Spring Festival. The small town was bustling with deafening sounds of stilts, yangko dance, gongs and drums. The 15th night was particularly bright, with colorful streets and lanes, burning trees and silver flowers, and colorful flowers. Red, pink, […]


Maybe because I lived near the mountain since I was a child, I liked the Mountain very much. Later, I moved away from the mountain and felt empty in my heart. Fortunately, there was a mountain behind the factory, so I could see the mountain everyday, more or less made up for the emptiness in […]

When parent

The younger brother who worked in a foreign land did not call back to his hometown for several weeks. Anxious sixty old mother sleepless nights, worry. On the phone, my mother’s Talking made me sad. Calling my brother’s cell phone, it was always turned off, and I was worried to follow him. In addition to […]


The plot of people’s nostalgia is always like a string, which is stirred by the fingertips of feelings and memories for a long time. Those fragments that were thought to be forgotten and polished away by time instantly rolled into waves and surging into seas in their minds because of a sentence or an object. […]


It is another New Year, New Year’s Day, sunny day, everything seems so peaceful, good years must have a good omen, such a good time, but I like to lie on the bed lazily and watch variety shows, I can feel the wonderful joy of talking about gods. As time passes by, I also have […]