I always want to make life a poem, sometimes simple, sometimes delicate, but unexpectedly, life has become a song without melody, sometimes unreliable, sometimes out of tune. In these leisure days, I always want to write something and replace the boring life with a little busyness. As a result, when I wanted to write something, […]

Two Two

In life, there are always some people who become memories or eternity, and there are always some fragments sinking in the bottom of the heart that cannot be erased. There was once a period of time when I was moved by the appearance of a friend and thanked the fate for some kind of understanding. […]


Time is like the wind, and it flies away in a flash, leaving a lasting feeling. Just like a stream passing through a stone, it seems that there is no trace, but the real situation is that the water has carved the temperature into the heart of the stone, only waiting for a casual moment […]