Love, warmth and hope. Who is complaining that April has lost fragrance? In the empty sky, white clouds were also circling with the mood, or white pigeons waving their wings in the afternoon, because the thick clouds seemed to be wrapped by some hatred. The so-called growth seems to have no choice but to expect, […]


Time can change a lot, except for more and more nostalgia. Is it joy or melancholy that I am about to graduate? We are about to graduate. Unexpectedly, at this moment, this sentence would echo in my mind again and again. TIME witnessed my growth, but my young heart was still ignorant. Time was about […]

Small Day

I cook tea, read books, write books, live in my house, and I run to see the scenery one by one. I read those lingering love poems over and over again, but I no longer miss love and miss you. I lived in a small house near the south of a window with a string […]

The years

Years Kong-style gone, from this festival is passersby. The taste of the New Year seems to have its own golden age, which is undoubtedly the mark of childhood. The older you grow, the more boring you feel about the new year. Looking back at those years, I was still young. Every new year, there are […]