Looking back for ten years, with a flick of a finger, the years have gone through ten years in a hurry. In this period of time, struggle and struggle are the main melody of life, ten years have turned an ignorant teenager who just came out of campus into a smooth and exquisite social talent. […]


I am a person who seldom slept, so I didn’t have the habit of sleeping by bus. So every time I went to the provincial capital to do business, I liked to bring a magazine to pass the time on the road. The scenery along the way was already familiar with and no longer fresh. […]


During the summer vacation when my son was seven years old, I took him to other places to participate in the Piano Competition. There was an expert comment, and the expert who commented was Professor Cai who was famous in the Academy of Arts, what he said made it worthwhile for us to take part […]


The sky gradually became dark, and the day of life ended again. Gently open the window and stare at the night sky without the moon, with stars shining above your head. Suddenly, a meteor flashed by in the field of vision and disappeared in the endless universe in a flash. No one can know its […]


I always wanted to write an article to encourage you to take the college entrance examination, but because of your mood, I had to give up every time. The college entrance examination will be held tomorrow. You told me that it would be the last time for you to write a composition. I think it […]