Happiness in ordinary life Wang Huiping I have always thought that happiness is a kind of peace in a happy family, intoxicated in a quiet and quiet life, and presents a kind of calm and mature, it is a pleasure to immerse yourself in ordinary life! I like my job, because I know that women […]


Mom, I listened to you. I still remember that when I was young, I was so delicious that I couldn’t help stealing two pieces of money from you to satisfy my greedy mouth, but every time I was discovered by you carefully, then there was a beating. Let me understand since I was young that […]

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Maybe I was afraid of the cold, maybe I was afraid of the fog, rain and wind, so I even retreated for a whole winter, and insisted that I liked to live in seclusion. Maybe it was because I stung at home for a long time. In addition, I sensed the recovery of the Earth […]


Another gloomy day, sitting in front of the window, stunned. With a long breath of relief, I didn’t sigh off my gloomy mood like the weather. He began to blame himself for his sentimental feelings and his nature as a liberal arts student. My heart was so stuffy that it was like feeling that some […]


Looking back on yesterday’s floating clouds, today has already gone with the wind. Stepping into a new step, looking back at the past footprints behind him, looking at the long steps ahead, I was a little confused, but I still had to walk on with my scalp. Life is nothing more than a road that […]