Invited King

I always want you to come, and it is best to come in autumn. Because autumn in Jiangnan has the fragrance of flowers in spring, the warmth of summer and the lingering of winter. You always like autumn. In your opinion, autumn is a colorful picture scroll. No matter in sound, color, temperament and rhyme, […]


Some people say that there is a person in everyone’s heart, either near or far; I am also sure of this! The closest one can be your partner in your life, dealing with fireworks and being appropriate to your life. Far away is the idol in your heart, which can go far away with your […]


To Nanchang, take the 02:20 train to Fujian, so I got up early in the morning. After 08:30 in the morning, the car dealership was between Poyang, Jiangxi and Nanchang, with a glimpse of the heart. Guest Bar, galloping on the highway, wearing my body and soul, comforting my wish, to complete this journey of […]