Literature, as the most active spirit beating in human spiritual genealogy, has always maintained the foundation of sense, wisdom and emotion of social people: either weaving the fragrant garland of pure people or digging the dark tombs of devils. Literature is also a kind of self-conscious life awareness or consciousness state, and is often regarded […]

Please not

Xiaoni once again ushered in a new task, which was to borrow the craft in her warehouse regularly, and when the craft content was changed, she informed the borrowing staff one by one to change the page number content. No, Xiaoni started the work she had repeated many times again. She picked up the phone […]


Grow up lonely sad people, don’t cry, we are all the same, born lonely. Face every heartbreak with your smile, because we are born Lonely This is a song of uncle Wang Feng born lonely. I don’t know why, I always like Wang Feng’s songs very much. Maybe Wang Feng is a singer who writes […]