The plot of people’s nostalgia is always like a string, which is stirred by the fingertips of feelings and memories for a long time. Those fragments that were thought to be forgotten and polished away by time instantly rolled into waves and surging into seas in their minds because of a sentence or an object. […]


As time flies, a monsoon light is fleeting. In a hurry, the years flow far away. Deep in my memory, there are traces that have never been erased, such as the mottled shadows shining on my body through the cracks of leaves. Each piece of light and shadow has its own merits, with different forms […]


Journey, wang shi ru yan dream, Gone with the wind. But there are some beauty, like the flowers in spring, which is still fragrant; Like the fruits in autumn, which are sweet and delicious. As time flies, as time goes. She deposits and then deposits, and takes root in the depth of your heart. When […]

She snuggled

Writing words is not to show off happiness, to be happier than others, not to mention to be popular and famous, to flaunt myself as a serious writer. I am just an ordinary author, space words also record my mood stories and growth process. Good or bad, this is my life, and no one can […]


When the rain hits the banana, the heart is like a clear stream. Standing in front of the window listening to the rain, silently recalling the traces of the years. The misty rain in the world of mortals was originally a bomb command room. Inscription I have heard of the rain in Jiangnan, which is […]