It was late at night, and there was thunder outside the window. Lightning lit up the world instantly and returned to the boundless black. A gust of wind blew, and the downpour came. The wind blew and the raindrops slapped the window lattice! Sound. At this time, unexpectedly, there were indescribable thoughts in my heart, […]

Walk in

Many friends asked me: are you out of touch? I was shocked when I first heard it, and then I heard it calmly. Maybe the superficial impression makes people confused. Wandering in the world of materialistic desire, cars and horses are noisy and neon. If you turn over books at night with a clear light, […]

Warm Heart

I always stay at home with my daughter, and sometimes I look down upon myself. I know that there is always a feeling of uncontent with the status quo in my heart. I know that women live by men, and their self-confidence and independence will be lost sooner or later. Selling the products in the […]