Spring Rhyme

The spring on the plateau was still cold and chilly in the ice and snow. It was not until the end of April that I felt a little smell of spring in the green light squeezed out from the corner of the wall and the cracks on the roadside. The faint green, as shy and […]


It was late at night, and there was thunder outside the window. Lightning lit up the world instantly and returned to the boundless black. A gust of wind blew, and the downpour came. The wind blew and the raindrops slapped the window lattice! Sound. At this time, unexpectedly, there were indescribable thoughts in my heart, […]

And desire

I woke up at five o’clock in the morning, lying on the bed, rummaging through Tencent news and watching the news of the last two days, especially the news of finance and economics and stocks, I am must-see. Two articles of today’s financial news shocked me with heartache. One is “The Legend of futures Liu […]


Of the wind tower. The strong wind before the storm came, through the gap between doors and windows, made a whine sound, mixed with the sound of door and window shaking and creaking, woke me up from my nap dream. Maybe it was the lack of sleep for several days. Today’s nap seemed to be […]


Every time ice writes, there is a freak. One thing happens without catching the habit in time. He always imagines those bright fireworks disappearing pictures afterwards, thus playing a painter standing in front of the drawing board and depicting the past silently. On this year’s Lantern Festival, most people set off fireworks at home to […]

Large White

The big white elephant in Dan city almost became the synonym of Xiangshan. Anyone who has been to Xiangshan cannot be considered as a real person who has been to Xiangshan if he doesn’t know the big white elephant. In my impression, I am afraid that a sculpture has such a close relationship with a […]

It was said that there was no need for someone to guard the gate of hell. As long as they were willing to go, the gate was open and welcomed at any time. It was said that there was a gate of the South heaven in heaven, which was not only heavily guarded by troops, […]

Butterfly smell

For example, this morning, when it rained, I was lazy and at ease, sitting cross-legged, the music was open, the spring water was gurgling, The Red Maple glitter covered my whole body, my heart was upward, the Buddha’s light was shining, and I shared the essence, I also felt the pots of plants, the sofa […]