How do human beings

When his body has completely melted, including his bone graft and his clothes; His history and fame are preserved through the ages, not a story passed down by word of mouth, not a legend without writing, it seems that it cannot be summarized. His deeds or great achievements surpass everything of human beings, all experiences, […]


When the mulberry trees under the balcony were hung with new mulberries for the third time, I knew that my three-year postgraduate study was coming to an end. Looking back on the appearance of leaving school after graduation ten years ago, everything still seemed so clear, as if it was just around the corner. At […]


I don’t know when it started. I always feel that someone is following me. Wherever I go, it will follow me. At the beginning, I was afraid, because the sense of emptiness that I could not see and touch could generate fear more. So as soon as I got home, I quickly closed the door, […]

In road

In the spring morning, the temperature will still make you tremble for a while, but after all, you still can’t twist the call from afar and the response in your heart. The rainy day of a week is over, which makes me so natural, I used to carry a bag car on my back, rising […]


Writer Lu Yao once said this sentence before his death: Life can be ordinary, but life can not be ordinary. Yes, this can be understood as Lu Yao’s belief in his whole life, which is the portrait of his life and life. Indeed, Lu Yao in life is very ordinary, and he is an authentic […]


Confusion, hesitation, loneliness, decline, these words are always reflected incisively and vividly in my life. What’s wrong with this world? Why do you give people such feelings. Everyone is like a headless fly ant fighting for something invisibly. I wish this kind of world would not be recognized by the world, but the reality seems […]