When the rain was too big and too small, it pattered for a day. In the evening, I walked alone in the lonely rain lane with an umbrella. The rain flied with the wind, and the thin spring rain fell on my face and body, feeling a little cool at once. The hot and dry […]


Looking back for ten years, with a flick of a finger, the years have gone through ten years in a hurry. In this period of time, struggle and struggle are the main melody of life, ten years have turned an ignorant teenager who just came out of campus into a smooth and exquisite social talent. […]

For a month

I like moonlit nights. I have a special liking for the moon, which comes from my childhood. On a moonlit night, my mother would move the spinning wheel to the yard. I sat in my mother’s arms, shouting to help her shake the spinning wheel. My mother couldn’t beat me, so she asked me to […]


Time is stirring up. Unconsciously, I am already thirty years old. But in my mind, I am still that little girl in her early twenties, but years really don’t give you such an opportunity, let you still live in that age. My face is telling myself that it is time for innocence. I can’t remember […]

West Lake

Recently, I felt restless like grass in my heart, and a powerful voice kept shouting in my heart: the Lotus in the West Lake has been blooming, aren’t you coming? After all, the West Lake liu yue, scenery not and four. Infinite blue day lotus plants, lotus flowers in red. When we were very young, […]

In road

Time passed by at your fingertips. You left that sad city A that day. You told yourself that no matter you were working or feeling, you fell down. It didn’t matter. Everything could start from scratch. You said, you believe that the girl who loves laughing will not be too unlucky. Only I know that […]


With the end of the exam, there were fewer and fewer people in the school. Most canteens also posted notices announcing that they were closed. The commercial streets crowded with hawkers on weekdays also became empty. Walking in such a university campus, there is a peace that is not common in daily life. Although it […]


Today is my birthday. Look up at the wall clock on the wall. It’s just 9 o’clock. It has been 49 years and 02 hours since I broke off my fingers. The days passed so fast. It was like a plane. It just took off from Dongshan airport, but after a little confused for a […]

Mining pepper

Autumn, light. It was the autumn season, so I climbed the mountain to enjoy the autumn and traveled in Laoshan. Along the way, there is a piece of luxuriant vegetation, red leaves and yellow flowers, autumn fruit fragrance, full of vitality everywhere, imitating the Buddha as a paradise. I thought that I could travel across […]


I admire nature and escape into nature, which has always been my eternal complex. I gradually get up early and walk. In the early morning of early winter, there was a deep chill in the air. When the door was opened gently, a thick fog and cold rushed in, as if the door was pushed […]