In a trance, I don’t know if I should write down these words. In the evening, the gray ceiling lamp on the roof of my bed, as long as I close the curtain and turn off all the lights, it will cause trouble on it like a ghost lamp. I can’t remember when it was […]


Often, when I am free, I will think about such a question. I will think about why it is like this, such as graduating from college. Graduation is the same as everyone. But why haven’t graduated for a few years, but it has begun to be in the sky. Looking at the people around us, […]

In another

I turned around and said goodbye to the place I had been concerned about and stepped on the new direction of my dream. Therefore, I came here in autumn. There is a little more disappointment and endless yearning. I think autumn should be the same. I didn’t go far, and my home was still standing […]


It is not a romantic hut with flowers and plants blooming beside the small village, but a humble reinforced concrete square on the roadside in the small city.. But it carries the laughter and laughter of our family of five members for more than ten years. Along with the growth of our three sisters, people […]

The years

Years Kong-style gone, from this festival is passersby. The taste of the New Year seems to have its own golden age, which is undoubtedly the mark of childhood. The older you grow, the more boring you feel about the new year. Looking back at those years, I was still young. Every new year, there are […]

New Year’s Eve

Today is February 9th, 2013, and it is also the 30th, lunar December, 2012. According to the Gregorian calendar, today may be a meaningless day, while Yinong has always seen it, which is extraordinary. There is no doubt that the 30th day of lunar December is the most determined day for Chinese people and the […]

Small village

The small village in my memory, every dusk. Standing on the roof of your own house, looking around, it is full of vitality. The smoke surrounded the rows of buildings, as well as the people who herded cattle and returned home, the people who took a small bucket to drench vegetables, the grandmothers and grandfathers […]

Dragon King

Longwang mountain was called Black Pine forest when we were young. Hearing this name, it gives people an unpredictable sense of mystery. Therefore, there were some legends about the black pine forest spreading among people at that time, saying that one day a man saw several tanks suddenly coming out from the mountain without knowing […]

A drop

A drop of Tears was almost sitting in the office at four and a half minutes ago. Today, when I got out of the office by bus and walked to the north and south of Labor Road, I suddenly saw the window, it turned out to be like the glow of the setting sun shining […]