Chinese New Year

It is so fast that I am still thinking about how to buy New Year’s goods in my mind. Lantern Festival is just around the corner. The sound of crashing firecrackers, the booming spring couplets, the red lanterns, all kinds of spitting and shouting Spring Festival Gala, these traditional folk atmosphere inherited this experience for […]


The sky was gray, as if covered with an old clothes. The tall buildings ahead are also gray, which is the same as the sky. As for the further Mountain, there was no trace, let alone a little bit of green. When I went out in the morning, I heard the radio in the car […]


When I was young, I liked to pursue dreams. I always wanted to leave my parents’ arms, fly far away, and soar in a free Sky; I liked to be busy, and I met my friends from time to time, holding hands, shoulder to shoulder, walking through streets one after another, laughing and swaggering all […]


Under the arrogant Sun of May, walking through the muddy rain, I walked into the Phoenix tree beside the village. Fresh air dissolves into this quiet forest after the rain, walking along the path in the forest, carefully stepping, deeply afraid that the flowers which are stepped into mud by passers-by will be splashed again, […]


1. Leave quietly as if I had never been here 2. I shouted to the starry sky in summer night, and hit the gray-haired moon again and again. 3. I laughed secretly, but it was very kind. 4. Under the shadow of the moon, there is still a familiar smell. The familiar time suddenly transformed […]


After a winter of gestation, you finally broke out of the palace at the beginning of spring. Because of the experience of snow, frost and cold rain, you are strong, vigorous, steady, and not as delicate as a young girl, although there is no lack of flexibility. In the spring breeze and rain, you stretch […]


In May, the wind blows green leaves, and the new ideas are dim. I am not surprised or happy, and it is full of sadness. What is that? Days slide through the fragments under the calendar day by day. They are silent and unobtrusive. An inexplicable sadness welled up in my heart. Is it a […]


Lonely tan ying day long, wu zhuan xing yi a few degrees autumn. Where are the disciples in the Pavilion today? The Yangtze River flows outside the barrier. Streamer is easy to throw people, red cherry, green plantain. Where have 2015, our time and our youth gone? There is no trace of time, my thoughts […]

Sorrow percents

Looking forward to a performance of fireworks and making a vow to laugh out the spring breeze. I have seen the blue smoke and looked at it for thousands of years. I was blamed for being in danger and waiting for leisure. I missed the first inscription (1) I sighed lightly. I missed the time […]

And Soul

Run away with your soul and let go of all the obstacles. On the day of fireworks and smoke, the unpredictable heart drowned too much purity. Like lotus-like early heart, is 1.1 points lost in the sludge, too much body not from already, hypocritical expression erosion with true thoughts, stiff smiles and flashing eyes gave […]