The long-length novel The Price of Love change, created by young and middle-aged writers Liu Xingbin and Huang duoliang in Jiangxi province, has been officially published and released by Baishan Publishing House recently. The price of love change is a classic masterpiece in 2015 among writers in Jiangxi province. It is not only a romantic […]

Let Go

What else can’t be relieved? Everything was fine. Walking on the cool Street, the sun was shining, and the fragrance of grains in my memory drifted from the past to this quiet autumn. I am love the land so much. As long as my shoes are stained with soil, I will feel deep happiness and […]


Those things at home 2 articles/Ma Jiu (QQ:598849504) we have a home. Maybe freedom is largely restricted. Everything should be considered and considered for home, and we cannot do whatever we want. Unlike being single, you can spend a lot of time eating, drinking, and having fun by yourself. Plain is the truth. If we […]

Casual does not

Most people see sweet happiness. Only oneself knows that everything is false. Every family has a hard book to read, and everyone has a hard heart. Each pair has its own troubles, so it is best to carry everything by yourself. I am particularly tired of listening to other people’s trivial matters, especially unwilling to […]


Today is Teacher’s Day, which reminds me of my teacher. Day as a teacher, parent. A spring of kindness is hard to report in one life. Every time I recall my school days or sit in front of the desk, I always miss my teacher. Decades of hard work and progress are all related to […]