The author of recalling childhood: the third child, March 18th, 2015, 22:56… childhood is like a rope of time; It is drawing us to recall. The disappearing time is like a nightmare; When we wake up, we are all old. My childhood reminded me of my friend at that time, whose innocent face and innocent […]

san yue

March in southern Liaoning is a windy season. Spring breeze does not blow, Willow does not send. This is a folk proverb I heard from my mother when I was young. The years are dark, and the fleeting years are several degrees. In recent years, due to the emergence of El Niono phenomenon, or the […]


What are unexpected. It looks like a epiphyllum, and you can see nothing in a flash of delay. I feel more and more that everything is too heav, too uncertain and unreal. What can be perceived can not be perceived, around one second, the world is very poor. What remains is still cold. Maybe there […]