The moon was bright and the night was deep. In the quiet night, I turned off the light, lit a candle and wrote down the word “pure land” under the dim light. I think there is no pure land in the noisy world. If there is, it will exist in my heart. No matter how […]


Recalling (essay) at the end of the year, the bell rang, the bell rang, and the bell rang. We had a really happy life……. Time flies so fast. Just after the happy Christmas, it is the end of the year of the Horse in 2014. The Bell of the new year in 2015 is about […]

Fleeting Time

A person, reunion with the long-lost music in the past. The music is always so exciting. Or lift a piece of tenderness, or a period of heart injury. I was tempted by my memory pouring like a waterfall, following the shadow of time, with music, crying silently and loving my heart quietly. I know that […]

Light up

Time unconsciously reincarnates in the season. Just like a glass of hourglass, whether you care about it or not, it will never stop moving forward. Suddenly, the season of falling leaves. Meditation, the traces of walking all the way, those shallow footprints behind, record the dribs and drabs of the fleeting time. Standing at the […]


Time, like light and shadow flashing, fleeting years like water, years, and secretly alienated, flowers fall, full of dust listening to the wind! The flowing water listens to the wind, and tends to walk in the everlasting journey of life. The years are too short. The strangers of Qingping and SangYu are those that have […]


Time is like a cruel invisible knife. No matter where you are, it will never look back and cherish. It passes by you and doesn’t understand your existence. It cuts off that short period of youth in an instant and will never come again. It gradually makes people shake and hold the aging posture, not […]

Hope snow

The wind is blowing, the wind is cold and dry, there is no vitality. I buried my neck deep into my collar, looking at the gray horizon in the distance with dry eyes, looking forward to a heavy snow, even if there were only a few small snowflakes, this winter is too dry, dry to […]


Uncle gone. He left around 2 pm on January 20, 2005. Uncle’s son Haojun cried when he called and told me. Although he had already prepared for it, he couldn’t help telling me in a hoarse and choked voice at this time: brother, dad left, just at this time. Although I was prepared, I was […]


Suddenly I found that the click rate of prose online is higher than that of common websites. Often, after the article is approved, it has been found that there are more than hundreds of clicks. In terms of writing career, the click-through rate of posts that were managed and employed in a website in the […]

In Ann

Looking at the back of the past years, my life is like a fruit in late autumn or a morning glory creeping in the window bar, not confused by the sunshine, not standing by the autumn wind, let alone forget the promise to life for the fame and wealth in the secular world: stretch life […]