The night is already very deep. The noisy village town gradually calmed down like a tired baby. I didn’t sleep, lost sleep, and didn’t feel sleepy at all. I have asked myself for thousands of times, but I can’t find the answer at all. I only know that my heart is blocked with sulk, upset […]


It’s almost Tanabata, approaching this ancient Chinese Valentine’s Day, my heart doesn’t feel moved. Love is as poisonous as a method, and as holy as crystal. Love is a beautiful fairy tale as well as an old legend. The word love is too noble and too humble. I didn’t want to mention it, but it […]

After snow

On a quiet night, the snow color was slightly cold under the starlight, staring at the light outside the window, sighing that the temperature of spring could not be determined. My mind was like a cigarette lit, I don’t know what kind of edge it is. The memory is as deep as yesterday. Tonight, countless […]

Walk in

Many friends asked me: are you out of touch? I was shocked when I first heard it, and then I heard it calmly. Maybe the superficial impression makes people confused. Wandering in the world of materialistic desire, cars and horses are noisy and neon. If you turn over books at night with a clear light, […]


The third memory of Collection: Open the stamp book, open the box, pieces of hard matchboxes, pieces of rich stamps, lighters one by one, and present them one by one. Walking from the depth of time, I was speechless to describe the dusty memories one by one, the stories of time one by one, a […]


On a cold winter night, I sat in the south of the Yangtze River, unconsciously recalling the magical snowflakes in my memory. In many poems and proses of Jiangnan Xueyun collection, people leave a lot of descriptions of Jiangnan snow scenes, which may be because Jiangnan rarely encounters snowflakes in winter and spring. When I […]

New Year

New Year 2013 —— written on the occasion of farewell to the old and welcome the new in 2013, Zhang Zhanhua of Yongjing Middle School passed away in 2012, and the mysterious Mayan prophecy finally became a joke …… the ancient laws of the universe still work, how can the Earth’s magnetic poles change? I […]


I don’t know when I began to hear the first song in my life. Maybe I was born in my mother’s arms, but according to my observation, the introverted and implicit mother didn’t seem to hum hypnotic songs for me; But her grandmother, who loved talking and laughing, sang to me from time to time […]