Calmness is a kind of state of mind, which is the cultivation of high quality after hard training of thoughts. In today’s society full of temptations and traps, it is not easy to maintain a good attitude. Only by experiencing life with a good attitude can we find the true meaning of life. A person’s […]


My company, my relatives, my dream company, the chain train dragged the planter and staggered forward in the field. The roar was enough to wake you up in your dream. Two dazzling rays of light shot at the end of the ground, the rear light shone on the people standing on the planter, walking back […]


Last night, when my daughter was doing her homework, I looked through the child’s pencil case at random and found a ten-yuan debit note in it. I couldn’t help wondering. I was in school at ordinary times, I often borrow money from my classmates, and I have never heard of signing an IOU. Is it […]


Every day on the life stage of square dance, there is no audience and no flowers, but sisters are performing the wonderful life to their heart’s content. When the melody of the dance music rings out, our souls step on the leisurely and light dance steps along with the music, walking through the four seasons […]

Children traveling

The car galloped on the street in winter, and the wheels made a stuffy sound under the feet. On the cold seat, the five-year-old son had already fallen asleep in the jolt. Seeing his innocent sleepiness was really enviable —— in his world, it was full of beauty and fantasy. All these need me to […]

I know

Those flowers that compete for excellence can see the beautiful circle with their eyes closed, the hidden lack of those, smart curves, the charming eyes can’t knock the string in my heart under the shining starry sky beside the proud flowers and plants on the ground my searching steps can’t stop my heart still guarding […]

Online Dating

1. Love is mutual. When I love you, I can march forward for you regardless of everything. The premise is that you give me strength. Every woman always meets someone and opens her heart of love. Thank you for letting me realize that I am such an infatuated woman. But you also hurt me deeply, […]


Recently, I have the opportunity to live in an urban fringe village. A marketplace livelihood breath, a little small Jasper-like feeling. When I work near here, I often have leisure time, day or night, my steps and eyes are lingering over and over again. I want to see through the survival and the reason and […]

The early

Don’t mention the little emperor, it is just a picture that is arbitrary and unreasonable and can do nothing, only asking for and not working. With the change of the environment, the little emperor’s later life will also show a different life. In 1985, an article entitled “A large group of little emperors” was published […]


Last year, I was busy coming and going, and I traveled to Xiaoxiang in the cold spring. Low flying green shore and plum rain, they went into the red building to pick up apricot beams. I can see the shallow water in the idle inkstone and the mud fragrance in the fallen flower path. No […]