In my time like water, I buried the edges and corners erased by years. There have been persistence, wandering, hope and helplessness. Move forward slowly and grow slowly. When I look back, many things have been blurred, but many things are still fresh in my memory. The Northeast is always like this. During the Spring […]

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It was more than 30 years ago that I first met diary, and it was 25 years ago that I really loved to write diary. This was due to the car accident of my younger brother 25 years ago, not that car accident, not because of the misunderstanding of a female classmate and then had […]


Whether it is sunny or rainy is a kind of weather and mood. On a gloomy day, sitting alone for a whole day, a cup of strong tea became plain boiled water. Time can’t remember Saibei autumn wind Iron Horse, forget the misty rain apricot flowers. Light, light, we are like the wind in the […]


At the corner of the bustling snack street, we walked into a quiet and deep hutong where objects were piled up in front of every door. This was the silhouette of the life of old Beijingers. Walking here, it seems that you can still feel the simple but colorful life atmosphere in hutong in the […]


The sunshine is very good, the clothes are so hot that the heat goes through the fiber to the skin, which makes people feel a little dizzy. A newly bought deck chair also smells of light paint. I closed my eyes slightly and lay on it, bathing in the sunshine. The air flows slowly, bringing […]

Said tea

I like tea. I didn’t like tea when I was young, and I always felt that tea was bitter and astringent. But when I came home from school every day, when I was thirsty, I always went to my father to drink the tea he made, and my father always scolded: OK, OK, I will […]


What kind of attitude should I hold towards writing? On this issue, the benevolent see benevolence, and the wise see wisdom. A few days ago, a writer told me that the reason why I like writing is not my survival needs, but my life needs. It is common for me to write an article in […]


Go! My friend in the old days, I think, is the best name for love other than relatives. It does not have the fetters of regional races or the focal length of poverty and wealth, there is no scale of appearance, but pure kindness. However, such a photo appeared frequently on the internet. Two people […]