The years were long, the monsoon brushed over and over again, and gradually the years dyed a wisp of white hair. The long needle of time turned around the end of the year, and there was another circle of annual rings. I never realized that time was in such a hurry, and I felt in, […]


Many topics cannot be written down at the moment of writing. There are many reasons: some are sensitive topics, which may be deleted as soon as they are sent out. Another reason: even if it belongs to normal elaboration or criticism, if any authority sees that he doesn’t like it, he will be listed as […]


The spring cold snow fell down in my hometown, and the wind left the pavilion. The frost and thick clouds would finally disperse, and the flowers in the golden year would bloom in the world of mortals. Inscription have you ever touched the time? Said time cold. From a distance, there will be mottled light […]


Most of the friends I know are addicted to drinking and drinking, so most of them don’t cook. Every phone date always says, where is it? Which hotel? Arrive? And the reason for the delay is often just to pick up the child, but never to say: Cooking at home! I will give them a […]


Life is what? Everyone can give his own answer: life is a glass of wine, sending out an attractive taste. Life is a cup of coffee with a light bitter taste in its strong fragrance. Life is a song, and life is a mass of hemp. All kinds of answers are actually their own feelings, […]

You is

Anke has fallen into every touching word in the poetry. Anke has studied every interesting analysis in the constellation. Love is a wonderful feeling. Anke can’t escape his love for him. He is in a mess in his heart. When he sees him, he will panic and be out of his mind. Anke thinks Love […]

Mining Blue

I often sit in front of the window, facing the building, stunned. Are the swaying trees, fixed houses, flowing clouds, changing sky and tall buildings? No, I really don’t think about anything, even if I think about anything, I can’t understand it. Thoughts like grass like smoke, crazy long but shaky. My wife often sighed […]


The child had low fever for several days in succession, and there was no sign of improvement after taking the medicine, so he was taken to the hospital very early today. It hasn’t arrived at eight o’clock, and the doctor hasn’t arrived yet. After hanging up the number, I sat with my child in the […]

xiang ru

Flowers bloom silently, without conditions, requirements and publicity. The fragrance is floating, but it seems that nothing has happened, leaving only the fragrance repeatedly. It is rich in early autumn and lasts for the whole season, even longer. The beauty of osmanthus is more in her role and meaning. Gui, expensive. Osmanthus trees have represented […]


Rape flower was born to be a child of a peasant family. It was simple and plain, without showing the spirit of wealth, so that people could easily forget her. Rape flower is weak, and her life is also short. However, in March of spring every year, this immature life will never forget to stretch […]