The boy’s bright eyes and joyous smiling face make him particularly cute. Looking at him, I sighed in my heart: children are innocent and lovely, but as long as we measure the scores, it is abrupt like having six fingers, which is different from others. I was like a gardener who was going to have […]

Green Leaf

In the glass cabinet of the TV wall in my living room, there is a small photo frame of about seven inches, in which there are two thick and thin trees with unknown names, there are several green leaves on the tree. In the middle of the photo frame, there are seven wavy block bronze […]

You is

Your appearance has really disrupted my heart. Maybe I am just one of many for you, while you are the only one who has disturbed my heart for so many years. Because of you, my mood is constantly changing. Because of you, I am no longer proud, even a little self-abased. Because of you, I […]


You are mentally ill! A classmate named Tuo suddenly said to me. At that time, I was shocked. I looked at this male classmate named Tuo, and the whole class looked at me. This classroom seems to be fixed there. A boy named Iron kicked his stool behind him, and the silence in the class […]


In July, the first half of 2015 is over. The second half of 2015 is just beginning. The past has passed and time cannot be retained. No matter how depressed the market is and how decadent the mood is, the life still has to go on. There are many hopes in the future. Dreams and […]


For many years, I like prose, but few people know it. Like Lao She, Lu Xun and Zhu Ziqing. But I can never compare with these literary giants. I know that I am just a common people who can’t even count as a character. But people must have dreams when they are alive, no matter […]


As a child, every day looking forward to new year soon, home has a saying: children hope new year, adults hope Must Farm. Slip into lunar December, every day count the days, and 29 days, 28 days …… 15 days …… wish night wake up, new year situated just a. Adults busy in advance do […]


I hope the years can make me safe for the whole life, and I don’t have to be too surprised. I just hope that when all the wind and dust flow away, I can still leave a warm memory for me to remember this situation in broken thoughts, finally, there is such a neutral gear […]


Our great motherland has a vast territory and a long history. In this vast and beautiful land, the hardworking, brave and wise Chinese sons and daughters have jointly created brilliant achievements and composed a splendid chapter of The Times. Do you know where the mountains of Gao Jun and the vigorous plateau are distributed? Have […]