Love Words

In confusion, we have stepped on the threshold of winter unconsciously. Time seems to be frozen, walking so slowly and so hard. The calendar beside the window was densely graffiti into a mess by ink, just like my life track in this season, in a mess. The occasional memories are always full of sadness. When […]


Winter is coming, will spring be far away? In the cold environment, I look forward to spring. Growing in the South, I always feel that the cold winter adds a lot of troubles to people. In order to keep warm, I have worn too many clothes, which are thick and fat. In addition, the problem […]

And line

I can’t help sighing that time flies after watching some old movies on weekends. I called my old colleague, and that girl caught a cold again. I remember that it was the same last time. In fact, everyone worked very hard outside. If you can’t meet each other, you can talk about work, life and […]


Time flies, time flies like an arrow, the steps of time never stop, it seems that there is no sound or Mark left. However, looking back suddenly, I found that the beautiful youth had become yesterday; Inadvertently, the blue silk on the sideburns was dyed with frost and snow. Aren’t all these marks left by […]


For some things, we should stick to it even if we know it is wrong, because we are not reconciled. For some people, we should give up even if we know it is love, because there is no ending. Sometimes, we know there is no way out, but we are still moving forward, because we […]

Tease mu

It is suspected that the Galaxy has fallen nine days, saying beauty, beauty, beauty. In my memory, it is a fairyland on earth, a creation of the Heavenly Emperor’s heart, a soul-catching, a desire for people’s thoughts, a soul-catching, the unique substance of intoxicating intelligence. However, a casual trip to North America and a complex […]


Mother’s Day: The unforgettable miss in my heart Wu Xiande/Wen mother’s love is the greatest love, mother’s love is the purest love, and mother’s love is the purest love. Tears soaked through the two corners, recalling the childhood mother holding his hands, as if he was back to childhood, as if it was yesterday. No […]


For this world, I have completely become nothingness. I have struggled all my life, and I can’t take away every plant and tree. I have been persistent all my life, and I can’t take away any vanity and admiration. Spring elimination snow Spring elimination snow, multi-the yao nian, unspoken. Reading from afar, it is just […]


Sometimes, I feel comfortable when tasting a cup of hot tea alone. My hometown is used to drinking that small cup of tea. Although it is very troublesome to drink one cup after another, it has a charm, which liberates my mind and body. I don’t know why it can change a lot in a […]