After passing through mania and fervor, the season gradually became calm, so autumn came on stage. The arrival of autumn started from the river, and the Autumn Water was the dream appearing hurriedly behind the bustle and prosperity. It was the existence of eternal beauty. She stepped on the morning dew of Dawn and penetrated […]

Blue eye

In the season of rolling leaves and remaining edges, sadness overflows. The white clouds covered the sadness of the Angel. Did time change him or his mood? He couldn’t write clearly with a few words about his desire to speak, and the reality with broken wings made him tearful. Through the crevice of withered yellow […]


Try to let go of your breath and find a place where your soul can rest. Living in the comfort of the soul, interpreting the soul and releasing the thoughts gently in the space that belongs to oneself. Let go of the heavy pressure of life, release the soul, fly the empty sky, spread your […]

Do home

To be honest, apart from reading some idle books and occasionally graffiti in my spare time, my greatest hobby is doing housework. Yes, in the eyes of many people, a big man must have nothing to do with housework all day long. Indeed, throughout all times and in all countries, which man who has made […]


On the morning of midsummer, walking on the sunny street, the hot sun was burning on the Earth, and it seemed to be steaming all around, making people feel like being in a steamer with sweat flowing down constantly. Walking to the shade beside the street in a hurry, there was a feeling of being […]


The colder the outside is, the warmer your presence is, and I am warm in my dream. The vicissitudes of time you are still, my dream; The past is here, and the future is forever, my dream. When the storm strikes, I hide in your smile, I smile in your smile, my dream. You will […]


The sunshine of spring passes through thick clouds and shines around the examination room. The sunshine on the playground is a little dazzling. The examinees standing or sitting under the green trees and small trees, some are so young and beautiful; Some are so handsome; Some are slightly immature and innocent. As a senior Uncle, […]


Current position: Prose> prose essay> mood prose> call from Lotus Lake-go to Dazhou to participate in the literature creation of young and middle-aged writers in Sichuan province in 2014, hold my hand and restrain my half-life madness Association, kiss my eyes, cover my half-life wandering Lotus out of the silt but not dyed, to show […]