Oh, you don’t know. When you go out, the sky is blue and the road is open. She sighed excitedly to her colleague. Most of the people who have been ill for a long time are like this. The same is true for those who are calm like me. There are only three days, no […]


It has been 4 years since I lost contact with Benben. However, I haven’t forgotten the intelligence, loyalty and bravery of Benben so far. I always feel heartbroken when I think of Benben. Benben and I have been together for more than 9 years. When Benben was an hour, he was round, with short and […]

I like

I thought I am liked her so much that I carefully read the short interview record three times before putting it back on the bookshelf of the library. Although it is just a text introduction, the girl with a sunny face and a bright face, who is wearing a white dress and writing her mood […]


Education is a career that needs passion, but now, our life is often enveloped by deep tiredness. Going out early and returning late, wearing stars and moon, a kind of tiredness came day after day unexpectedly in a cold morning, which made the hurried steps seem sluggish; The late night lights eulogized by people gradually […]

Good Mom

I am an undergraduate intern majoring in preschool education in a normal school in northern Henan. During my previous study and internship, I really realized the importance of family education. “A good mother is better than a good teacher” is a book written by teacher Yin Jianli. She wrote in the postscript of this book […]

Flower Dance

In March, in the cold days, I came here. In a light rain, the world is clear and the past is washed away. A touch of delicate smile, with the charm of writing fleeting time. The full flower buds are full of bright flowers, the peach blossom flowers are charming, the pieces are smiling in […]

yu yun

The child’s face changes as soon as he says it changes. The days before, it was hot and stuffy. I felt that the quilt was redundant when I slept at night, but since yesterday, God cried into tears, there was another one, but the words I wrote at this time were still blooming in spring, […]


At this point, I did a very bad job indeed, because for a long time, I always went my own way, not the usual way. If advertisements say so, they will definitely not be wrong. Later, we will know that I am is totally wrong. Just like a straw, I could have chosen the price […]