I have been under pressure since I started working recently. Because it is a key work station, the pressure naturally comes. When I started to work, I felt like I wanted to escape. I am very afraid of what will happen next, involving myself. Only after work, the whole body pressure was relieved. You can […]

er yue

The village in February was mixed with a trace of coldness in the mild rising sun. With the alternation and lightness of spring, the winter jasmine on the roadside is a kind of light goose yellow and a kind of light sadness. The soft wind crossed the mountain and came with the fragrance of Spring […]

Have this

Rain, up. Listen, the raindrops outside the window hit the windowsill, which seemed to tell an endless love affair. Inscription (1) meeting you is my fate in this life. Lean against the bed, close your eyes and concentrate, and pass through the time and space of memory. In the fleeting time, your smile is as […]


When winter comes and spring comes, Willows spit Green. The warm spring breeze blows green into the endless wheat fields. It crumpled the quiet flowing river, and the weeping willows on the riverside bloomed their branches. The yellow-green branches pulled out the buds and gently brushed them in the slight spring breeze, just like a […]

Autumn Wind

The heat wave in midsummer flooded the earth like a flood. Suddenly, a breeze gently swept through the sky, sweeping away the sensual power in the hot summer. With the drizzle, the floating rain moistened the withered land like nectar. Autumn comes quietly. Facing the light autumn, staring at the sky, the rain was flowing […]


Some people cheer for others, some people cheer for themselves; Some people cheer for stars, some people cheer for ordinary people; Some people cheer for the motherland, and some people cheer for the world. No matter what kind of applause, it is moving, all shock our hearts. My cousin was the first senior student in […]


At noon that day, it was a little high to accompany guests to drink. After work in the afternoon, several colleagues came to my office one after another and talked about it, I blamed the leader’s annual bonus twice as much as those of our deputies with one voice. It made me angry. Today’s society […]


2015 spring is coming, I still feel 2014 cold. Chill hung windows, image of a piece of the rape of the Golden. I am looking forward to the flourishing scene of thousands of trees in front of the sick trees. After a long winter, who would scruple about the chilly coldness of spring. Expectation is […]