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The mountains and rivers, fields, villages and vegetation outside the tall buildings could not reach my eyes, but I could imagine. They have been kept in my memory, active in my thinking and presented in my dream. That was the place where I was born and raised. At the foot of Jincheng mountain, there were […]


That morning, I went to the street to hang out and bought some daily necessities by the way. Near noon, I took a shortcut around the alley to go home. Tricycle was parked in the alley. An old couple squatted on the roadside selling muskmelon. The green and fresh muskmelon looked very attractive, which made […]

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I am depressed and sad all day long. I do some dreamy things and hope to become a dazzling star one day. This is me, the real me. Self-help, repay parents, fight with lights at night, hope to ascend the pole and overlook everything. This is me, the real me. I am sisters and I […]