The North Wind and Blizzard performed the dance music together finally came to an end, and the world welcomed the first sunny night sky after snow. Originally, the gray clouds piled up in the sky suddenly disappeared, and the stars shot a little cold light from the distant sky. The crescent moon hung in the […]


I haven’t seen the lingering autumn rain for many days, and the basin is sunny all day long; The autumn wind is blowing, the fruit fragrance is overflowing, and the autumn inside and outside the city is high and refreshing. It made me suddenly want to write something about autumn leaves, so I calmed down […]


QQ:1281016977 time has been stranded for a long time, and I live a miserable life. The swallowtail of March cut the years into two halves. Half is waiting, and the other half is waiting. Just like this rose, quietly dormant, looking forward to the first Thunder of summer. After the Thunder, it spits out its […]


At a gathering of former workmates, Fan Fan accidentally got the information that cuixian settled in Zhuhai, Guangdong, and then they made a phone call. This was their first call after 40 years. When hearing the long-lost, with the sound of kindness and familiarity, there are ripples in fan’s heart. Fan and cuidu were born […]


As the old saying goes, daughter easy to get, confidant hard to find. A person may have a love affair for many times in his life, but the real unforgettable thing may only be once, that is, to have a lifelong love affair. Some people say: first love is the most beautiful and unforgettable. This […]


It’s kind. Writers always like to call girls. It seems that they have the same friendship with each other. This kind of approachable affinity is not common to everyone. Girl, good night, have a good sleep, have a good dream. Cold Weather Plus clothing. Thank You Girl. I will never learn from you. Silly girl, […]