It rained, and the weather gradually became cold. I like this kind of environment, so I can go out and play at home. I don’t have to worry about being too hot, and I don’t have to wear thick and stupid clothes. Some people always say that I have no ideal or courage. In fact, […]

WHO says

[1] Thank you for your smile, who once flustered me [2] you and I never met each other all the year round. Thanks to the time, never give up [3] love you is true and also a big adventure [4] I really want a completely sincere friend. If you are unhappy with each other, you […]


White snowflakes, like white angels, Dance light wings and drift down like White Angels every winter. The soft snowflakes gently spread on every corner of the North, making the jade trees enchanting and enchanting. The silver-covered mountains and rivers are white and flawless, and the white is dust-proof, the white one makes people feel that […]


Qu Bo called and invited me to visit his paired child Dongyang. Did I call him? Is he at home? Qu Bo said, no one answered the phone, why don’t you call one for me? The phone was over, and the hoarse voice of Dongyang’s grandmother came. I asked her if she was at home […]

And book

Reading is a kind of happiness, fun and enjoyment. Last autumn, the school encouraged teachers to read books and learn to build a scholarly campus. The opportunity was rare. I read the dream of new education written by Professor Zhu Yongxin. The book is divided into ten chapters, talking about ideal moral education, ideal intellectual […]