Tintin went to the reunion and heard that her wonderful life started from the first reunion. My dad was also invited to participate in the second reunion. I heard that this time was particularly wonderful. At that time, there were few students, people of the same grade gathered together, and many teachers who had settled […]


During leisure time or holidays, I always like to take a walk in the nature alone with my soul. Without time and purpose, I do whatever I want and do whatever I want. Such a scene is really good, life is unrestrained, soul and nature are harmonious and unified. This is more appropriate to let […]

“And other

Everything was accidental. Once we met by chance, a little colleague gave the old master a set of literature books. My little colleague specially told me when delivering the book: it is worth seeing! The old master was not so obsessed with literature as I was, so he handed the book to me when he […]